"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children."
Princess Diana
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Positive Parenting Skills
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Parenting can be quite a Challenge. Many of us get thrown into it with not much training at all. But even if you did have some training you can be sure there will be plenty surprises to come. In fact, the main constant in parenting seems to be CHANGE and a very important skill therefore is the ability to adapt to that.

I think another big challenge is that raising kids confronts us with our own childhood on a very deep level. Emotions that we felt when we were at a certain age or in a certain situation, can suddenly resurface with little to no warning, making it really hard to stay positively connected to our own children in the present time.

Therefore skills that relate to yourself (like Self-Reflection, Stress Reduction, loving yourself) are just as important as skills that seem to relate more to your kids (like Communication Skills, knowing about Stages of Child Development and how to prepare a stimulating environment).

Having said that: Parenting is also a very rewarding journey, especially when you’re able to sit back to observe and enjoy.


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