"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children."
Princess Diana
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101 Ways to Reduce Stress
Positive Parenting Tips

Well, they're not 101 ways to reduce stress just yet, but the following strategies might help you if you wonder how to calm down but also if you think of controlling your emotions better in the long term.

Those are the kind of things that help me a lot to relax and deal with parental stress.

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  • Changing my perspective and trying to see the whole situation from my kids point of view. For example: The cupboard with the glassware is interesting, it makes fun noises when you bang the glasses together, it might be a challenge to stack them... 

    This helps me to let go of my "they-should-do-thinking". It also gives me ideas which alternative activities I could offer or shows me alternative solutions where everyone wins. mom finding alternative activity for toddler

  • Checking surroundings. Is there loud music I can quickly turn off? Or can I turn on music that lifts my mood? Do I need more light or less?

  • Why are the children screaming that loudly? Are they hungry or (over)tired or are they just having fun and should do that outside? Physical activity outdoors is a great way how to calm down.

  • Are you or your kids hungry or thirsty or very tired? Can you change any of that?

  • Taking a mental break. Go to another room or in the garden to let steam of. You could even create some sort of retreat. A place that doesn’t get messed up by the kids and provides an uplifting environment in those tough times.

  • Take your child for a walk or a ride in the car – just to change the scenery. Especially fresh air and a little bit of exercise often work a treat (provided you’re not having one of those 40°C-days).

  • Taking a shower or a bath

  • Ring or visit a friend or someone you trust. Or talk to your partner to get it all off your chest. Just talking about it might clear the way to some solutions. (When no one is around, I sometimes connect with trees and talk to myself for that sort of thing. Opening up by trying to give love and make a connection first, surely does help)

  • Other stress relaxations techniques you might want to try could include:
    • Progressive muscle relaxation (tensing your muscles and then releasing them to relax them more)
    • autogenic training
    • yoga
    • meditation
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What Is Your Best Tip
For Reducing Parenting Stress?

Found a strategy that really works for you? Please share your story, tip or strategy about reducing stress with us.

Let's see if together we can list 101 great ways to reduce stress.

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