Amelie at 7 weeks
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Amelie at 7 weeks

Amelie is now 7 weeks old. I started to hold her over her potty when she was 2 weeks old. By that time I felt we had sort of adjusted to being a larger family. One morning I woke fairly refreshed and Amelie just opened her eyes next to me. A good opportunity for our first try.

After taking Amelies nappy off I held / semi laid her over our potty and gave her a quick feed. It worked!

And it’s pretty much all we do at the moment. Feeding usually makes her bowels move and sometimes we also catch the odd wee. When I’m very relaxed and have lots of time I try at other nappy changes as well. But that’s not as reliable.

So for now “timing” is the key for us.
Good times would usually be: after waking and about 10 minutes after a feed.

Amelie also seems to get used to the potty. Just feeling it under her bottom seems to make her relax and let go. I find it quite hard to remember to make a special sound whenever she does her wees or poos in order to give her a cue for the future. The sensation of the potty seems to work for us at the moment; but recalling ECing with my older daughter, this proved to be challenging later when pottying her out and about.

At the moment we use disposable nappies when out and about and at night. At home we use fabric ones and I change more often. I can’t wait to get warmer weather to leave her bare bottomed sometimes too.

Our goals for the near future: To give “pottytunities” at other times during the day too – particularly after sleeps and when I take her out of her sling after a walk. Secondly I want to remember making cuing sounds that could possibly work as signals from her later on as well – something like blowing raspberries for poos. Any ideas?

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