Being a kind person
"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children."
Princess Diana
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Being a kind person

by Lynn
(St. Louis)

Each day to be kind to yourself helps you be a better parent.

Moms and Dads are always thinking of the children and their parents 1st. That is a kind and thoughtful action. However we need to remember to take care of ourselves 1st to be the best for our loved ones. We need to listen to soothing music like Dean Martin and Tony Bennett by ourselves without the family and friends. The best time to do this is of course is after you put the children to bed. It gives you the chance to experience relaxing and peaceful moments.

Try to work together as a team with the family and friends to be able to take a walk by yourself. I walk early in the morning about 5-6am before I need to get the family up for the day.

Join a book club, tennis club golf club, chess club, dance class, art class, music class, etc. You will find that you will be a happier person. Your confidence soars. You have more inspiration
to be creative with any hobby. You will discover that you enjoy decorating the house. You will have more to time to clean the house and clean the clothes and cook yummy home-
made meals.

You can watch cooking shows like the Chew to give you that boost "I can do anything." You will encourage your family and friends to cook with you at the b'ques so that it is a happy experience to deeply connect with one another.

As a group you will bring out the best in one another. All of the children will be happy to hear and see their parents laughing and relaxing. The children will feel safe to be themselves.

When we are open to new ideas and respect others ideas without a confrontation with family and friends a child
will learn from the examples within their environment at home,school,dance class, or sports with their coaches.

They will admire the qualities of compassion,thoughtfulness, loving kindness, unselfishness, thinking of others, feed the homeless, donate time at a nursing home, helping other children that do not have sports equipment, doing a fund raiser for children that have cancer at school,etc.

Be your Best so that the children can be their best. Please take the time to listen and be interested with your children's hobby's.

All children want to feel that the parents & grandparents & coaches & instructors care about them to guide them gently with a smile instead of a frown; or laugh with them as they
make a mistake so they do not take themselves so seriously. We see to many children & the teens sad because we adults do not laugh at our own mistakes. The great comics know how
to treat life with loving care and balance life gracefully.

Bob Hope,George Burns, Gracie Allen, Lucy Ball, Carol Burnett, Tim Conway,etc we need to rent those movies.


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Sep 15, 2016
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by: Iren

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Jan 25, 2016
opinion NEW
by: Holly

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Apr 28, 2015
Thanks Lynn
by: Katrin

What a wonderful question.

My answer takes up a bit of space though ;). You can find it on:



Apr 11, 2015
Let's Laugh
by: Lynn

Thank you so much Katrin for creating this website for parents. You have so many wonderful articles on how to stay positive and
happy. You alert us to the nonverbal tips and body language that we sometimes forget as we are having a conversation with a family member or a friend or a child's teacher. Can you make sugeestions for people with neighbors who do not spend quality time with their own children because they think that talking on the cell phone is more important. I have a neighbor that has several children the 3 year old and the 1 year old are always crying because they want her attention. She is self centered and only is interested in her life.She must love listening to her own voice , she talks so loudly outside that the neighbors 5 doors down can hear her talk.What can we as other Moms in the neighborhood do to encourage the parenting in a positive manner? It is so sad to hear this going on in a home. I wish that they would get a Nanny to help guide her. She has 2 older children about 10 and 8 years old that help out with the little ones. You are an Angel. Thank you so much.

Apr 04, 2015
Thank you
by: Katrin

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for your contribution :)
and the reminders that:

1. We can only be as kind to others as we're kind to ourselves. So it really pays to take care of our needs too.

I love your examples. Cherishing quiet time to recharge, finding and giving inspiration through hobbies and regular long walks are very high up on my list to care for myself too.

2. It really pays to truly connect with our loved ones, to take part in their lives and create positive memories together.

For sure thinking and reflecting is only half the way. It needs to be followed up by actions like the ones you named above.


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