Parental Grief
"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children."
Princess Diana
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Parental Grief

sad together

Help for Parents and Their Friends and Family
After Losing a Child

Parental grief - the loss of a child - is something no one ever should have to go through. It is a heart wrenching, traumatic event that surprisingly happens more often than many people that weren't touched by it would expect. The following grief often hits unprepared parents, changing what's "normal" forever.

At first the shock makes it hard to do or decide anything. Thoughts go in circles. At that time it's good to have understanding people around that help. And many friends wonder how! What to do without making things even worse!

Later, when the force of the shock eases up a it, the grieving parents are still faced with quite a lot of strong emotions to cope with and work through. But how? And what is happening anyway with those emotions going unpredictably up and down, conflicting sometimes, scary often. And on top of all that stress grieving parents often struggle in their relationship to each other as well.

This and the following pages provide resources for parents and their friends to understand what's happening and support each other better.

If they're helpful - please let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. If they don't answer your questions, please also
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Phases of Grief

  1. Retreating: the phase of shock, numbness, disbelief and denial,
  2. Working through: allowing and working through emotions like anger,guilt, fear, sadness
  3. Resolving: adjusting, taking on a new identity, reinvesting time, developing new goals

Each of those phases confronts us with new challenges, problems we must solve for a successful recovery from grief.

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Handling Grief

This article gives a greater insight into the 2nd phase of grief: working through.

The activities that help working through the pain and find a new focus, range from more language focussed ones, over physical activities to creative expression and taking good care of your body too.

Grieving Fathers

Grieving fathers often handle their emotions so differently than mothers. Unfortunately this difference added to the stress of losing a child causes many parents to split up only few months after loosing their precious child.

Understanding and accepting each others different ways of handling grief is so important to support each other well. It often also helps to ban the destructive blame and opens the way for a renewed, deeper relationship between grieving parents.

Prolonged Grief

When is long grieving prolonged grief and therapeutic help needed? Some facts about the differences in parental grief that can help parents in their recovery from grief.

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