Raspberries - a Really Inspiring Elimination Communication Moment
"Hugs can do great amounts of good - especially for children."
Princess Diana
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Raspberries - a Really Inspiring Elimination Communication Moment

It works!
Blowing raspberries as a elimination communication signal used by a 5 month old!

Very early in the morning I woke to my daughter who was laying awake next to me. She didn’t cry nor make any other loud noise. I don’t even know what it was that woke me. I gave her a little morning feed and thought that with that we’d go back to sleep like almost always. But she didn’t. I heard her filling her nappy. Was she tired enough to go back to sleep now? Nope. So I got both of us up to change her nappy in (as it felt to me) the middle of the night.

I rarely ever do that as I value our sleep very much. Sometimes I sleep through her pooping. Lately in the morning she had only wet nappies before doing her morning poo. Once, on our holidays last month we even had a dry night nappy in the morning .

So when I changed her nappy I did that with only our dim night light on. Hopefully we’d be able to go back to sleep later quickly. Her nappy was light and her poop looked more like a bigger wet fart. So I decided to give her her usual “pottytunity”.(an opportunity to go potty). The result: - a big wee, nothing else. So quickly back to bed with us.

She was calmly lying awake, playing with her fingers – the way she had usually done before our holidays when she was about to calm down in her bed and drift off to sleep. I really enjoyed watching that, as she had gotten into the habit to nurse to sleep during our vacation. Would she drift off now too?

She didn’t, instead she turned her head, looked at me and blew raspberries. Was this our poo sign? Was it just play? She had lately discovered blowing raspberries as a fun thing to do to busy herself. I really didn’t know. Getting up again in the middle of the night?

I decided to ask her. “Poopoo?” Her little face brightened as if she wanted to say “yes, you did understand!” So I took her to her little potty – again, quietly, in the dark. She did her poop, I waited till she pushed herself up to stand (of course with me always holding her as she just started to manage sitting balancing herself. I also supported her standing up once I felt her initiation of the movement). So: nappy back on, back to bed, quietly playing again for a little while.

She did the raspberries again and even though I really wasn’t sure this time, I took her again. She didn’t seem as excited but often she’d do her business in several spurts. This time she didn’t need to go again.

Back in bed we cuddled again and I fed her again and she drifted back off to sleep quite easily.

I found that morning quite astonishing. My daughter is only 5 months old. How far should be the language development at that age?

And on top of that we’d really not been much in Sync with each other when it comes to EC during the last few days of jet lagging after our holidays.

When did your child last surprise and/or inspire you with something? What was it with?

And if you do EC – what are your experiences?
I’d love to hear your story. You can upload your longer story on a separate page here or just leave a short comment below.

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