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Princess Diana
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Milestones and Stages of Child Development
the basis of active and positive parenting

Knowing about the milestones and stages of your child's development will disclose some of the secrets of your infant, baby, toddler, preschooler or older child. It enables you to support your child in the best possible way and helps you to avoid some common parenting problems and problem behaviour.

baby discovering feetIt gives you hints and tips to the why of your child's behaviour, possible alternative approaches and ways and times to best foster good behaviour. It enables you to choose the best and most positive discipline techniques. It also lets you find the best activities that your child will enjoy the most. Child development stages and milestones are thus part of the foundation that makes active and positive parenting possible.

While child development roughly follows a certain pattern, please also remember that every child is wonderfully unique. At which time a certain skill will be mastered depends on many factors like the temperament and interests of your child, how much he’s working on other areas of development, her environment and what inspires her from that and opportunities to try the things that interest her to name a few.

On the other hand, if your child lacks very far behind the normal development, this can also be an indicator for a deficiency in another area. For example, children that have problems with their eye sight will also have problems developing their hand-eye-coordination. So if you have any concerns, please see your doctor or trusted health professional.


During the first month of his life your baby sleeps a lot and yet he’s developing rapidly as well. Having moved from the womb into the world requires some major adjustments like breathing, digesting, coping with different temperatures and gravity. Your newborn recognizes his parents and learns about the world especially through senses like hearing, smelling, vision and taste.

Infant (1-6 months)

Your pretty helpless newborn develops into a curious older baby. She starts to get control over her body and becomes more mobile. Her vision improves as she can focus better and better. Listening to your voice prepares her to learn your language.

Older Baby (6-12 months)

During this time your babies mobility rapidly increases as he learns to crawl or effectively rolls where he wants to get to. some babies even take their first steps before they turn 1. He uses this mobility to discover the world around him, picking up interesting things and exploring them with his mouth.
He also becomes increasingly aware that he is a independent person and not a part of you. That can lead to a lot of fear, especially if left alone suddenly or in a frightening situation.

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