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All poop in the potty
20 month Elimination Communication update

It’s been 6 month now that our precious girl had her “potty training regression ” (as it felt then). Little did I know that this was actually a big part of our break through. Since then, she consistently did her poop in the potty!!! Yay :). I can’t tell you how little I miss wiping messy bums.

Luckily we also had the advantage of warm summer temperatures here in Australia. At home I usually let her run around bare bottomed so she could use her potty all by herself. And how independently she does that now! Often I don’t realize it until she comes and tells me “poop in the potty”. At times she even empties her potty in the toilet all by herself. You may think – piu, messy, but in fact she’s pretty good in doing that now. It’s one way for her to show what she can do already.

Toilet training our girl

Another, more recent change is that she’s actually using the toilet too. A long time I had been using the potty exclusively, purely out of convenience. It was just so much easier to sit her in front of the book shelve reading some books instead of waiting in our tiny bathroom. The result was that she just couldn’t relax on the toilet.

So first we got her a potty that provided a toilet seat reducer as well. This way she got used to the feeling of her potty seat being in her favourite place and having her feet on the ground. This seemed pretty important to her. Than we put the seat on the toilet and she’d actually really stay there and give it a try.

Around the same time I also started doing potty stops on when out and about more often. I’d take my turn first and always offer to take her as well. More and more often she gave it a try too, even though she still couldn’t relax enough to let go.

She quickly got better at home though. Now she doesn’t poop in the potty as often anymore. Instead we’re just flushing the toilet. Of course that requires more attention on my part as well, as she doesn’t use the toilet independently yet.

Last week she really surprised me. We’d been chatting with a few friends just outside our local sports complex and our daughter seemed really excited by all those people, chatting away too. After a while, all of the sudden she stopped chatting, took my hand, said pee-pee and started pulling me back towards the centre. Astonished by her clear and active communication I followed her and helped her onto the toilet. Sure enough she did the biggest wee.

What makes this even more astounding to me is the fact, that she actually had a nappy on at that time. She’s pretty aware of getting wet when she’s in undies or toilet training pants. But she has no problem peeing in nappies or those disposable nappy pants.

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Potty accidents

Do we have potty accidents? Of course we do. At home she usually just comments “wet”, gets a towel nappy, wipes it off and puts the nappy in the washing machine. Those potty accidents mostly happen after she’s eaten very watery fruit, but I rather deal with the accidents than stopping her to eat fruit.

Sometimes I’m brave enough to take her in training pants when out and about. Often I just ask her what she wants to put on, nappy or pants. She’ll usually go for the pants. When she’s just done a wee and we’re going on a short trip I’ll just offer pants. Only when we’re going for longer trips or I’m not in the mood of handling accidents I’ll put a nappy on her now. A towel nappy in her car seat and a change of cloth is usually all that’s needed for those situations.

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What about night time potty training?

That’s something I haven’t worried about jet. Our daughter usually has a bottle of milk just before bed and a bottle of water in case she get’s thirsty at night. With our hot weather it’s more important for me that she sleeps well and doesn’t get dehydrated. So in the morning her nappy is usually very heavy. With this as a starting point any toilet training at night can’t be successful.

That doesn’t stop her from trying to go without nappy though. Before she finally falls asleep she usually uses the potty quite a few times including doing her evening poop in the potty. A few times she even took her nappy off in the middle of the night. For now she just gets undies on top of her nappy. But I find it interesting that she’s aware of needing to wee or wetting herself even when asleep. That’s certainly something worth focussing on when it’s not that hot anymore.

So I think we’re on a good track. The other day a friend commented: “I recon, when your 2nd one arrives, it’ll be so stressful that you’ll go to nappies full time again.” I just thought, “Not in a million years”. I’m just so glad our daughter is so independent already and does all her poop in the potty. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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